Anonymous asked: Hello my name is Mignon. I believe you are the artists icecubed .I have been looking for more background on your and work it for a school art project and your works have inspired me was wondering if you could give and idea of the meaning behind the art work the collector (the small girl with the balloons and some balloons are heads it would help me a lot thank you )

Hey Mignon! 

Thank you so much for liking my work! :) The Collector is just about a girl who wanted the things she cannot have. And though she took away from others, they could never really be her own. So she goes on collecting, hoping they will one day replace the void she’s missing.

The piece was done as a keyword exercise with my friends, and the keywords were “balloons” and “creepy”. Usually when you think of balloons, you’d think of children, happiness, and positive emotions. So I wanted to create an scene where the balloons give happiness to the owner, a sense of innocence and child play, while perhaps creepy to everyone else? 

Hope this helps! Good luck for your art project! :)